New Trip Report – Tanzania & Zanzibar

Tanzania & Zanzibar, 2013: Bob Berghaier, 10 days and many species including Ader’s Duiker, Suni and Aardwolf. Plus records of other species he has seen there over the years.



  • Charles

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the very comprehensive and interesting report. I’m curious about the melanistic Egyptian mongoose. I’ve never heard of melanism in that species before; is there any chance you confused it with a melanistic Slender mongoose, which are very common in the NCAA) or are you certain it was an Egyptian? Just checking as it would be a very interesting record.

    Regarding Mnemba island, it certainly is the best place to see Ader’s duiker, though I should point out that for paying guests its over $1000 p/p a night, so you’d really want to be passionate about adding it to your list if that’s the reason for going there. I hear the food is pretty good as well, though…..


  • Bob Berghaier

    Good Evening Charles,

    Thank you for your reply. I’ve been an admirer of your work with WCS for a number of years. When I first saw that mongoose (Feb 2002 on the south Crater descent road) I was not sure what it was but did notice the tail was in an upward curl. The color would be best described as a silvery black so I am not sure if that would be considered melanistic. Later on that trip I talked with the head guide of Kirawira Camp who was the one who told me of the distinct shape of the tail being the best way to tell this species in the field. I put that together with the earlier sighting. The Egyptian mongoose I saw in May on the road to Serengeti Sopa had the same tail shape, that’s how I knew what it was immediately, that also Impressed my driver.

    The only reason I got to Mnemba because it was a comp, a benefit from working in the African travel industry. The food and South African wine were very tasty.

    Best Regards,

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