Small mammal reports from the SW USA

I stumbled on two reports on a list server called Tweeters which are pretty interesting if you like small mammals. Both are from Gina Sheridan, who I don’t know, but she seems to be interested in everything and good at finding it too. So I thought I’d take the liberty of reposting these here.

South West 2007 including ArizonaGray Collared Chipmunk, Abert’s Squirrel; New MexicoGray Footed Chipmunk, Kaibab (Abert’s) Squirrel, Uinta Chipmunk; and Nevada Panamint Chipmunk, Dark Kangaroo Mouse and Panamint and Merriam’s Kangaroo Rats.


Arizona & New Mexico 2008 – an account of a herp trip featuring a lot of interesting small mammals including Pygmy Mouse, Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rat, Mogollon Vole, Plains Harvest Mouse plus Bailey’s, Arizona, Silky and Plains Pocket Mice.

If anyone else stumbles upon similar reports featuring some of the less often seen smaller mammals PLEASE do post them here. The herping community in the USA is much much larger than the mammal watching one (is that true in other countries?) and so there’s loads to learn from them I think, both in terms of sites for species and how to find them.



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  • morganchurchill

    I haven’t often seen that much detail on mammals in herp trip reports, and my sense is that they are much more vague on localities than that report. People get paranoid about their spots when they have to worry about collectors damaging populations and habitats

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