Bracken Bat Cave Threatened

The Bracken Bat Cave — with 10 million bats, one of the world’s largest congregations of mammals — is threatened by an adjacent development. Bracken Cave has been protected by Bat Conservation International but now an adjacent ranch is threatened with subdivision.

It would put 10,000 people adjacent to the bat cave, and put homes directly under the bats’ flight paths. It is hard to imagine this being good for the bats.

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I encourage all mammal watchers to support Bat Conservation International. They’re a good group.

It seems that these are bleak times for the last great wildlife reserves and natural phenomena. The proposed Serengeti highway, the proposed Pebble Mine in the last great salmon waters of Bristol Bay, the bleak news from Dzanga-Sangha, the ongoing elephant & rhino massacres. Hopefully we come to our senses before we lose all these…

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