Yellowstone in July/August

Following an earlier request for sites for wolf watching, it looks like I’ll be going to Yellowstone next summer. I’m limited by holidays so I have no real choice with the dates.  I’ve read the reports on here, but if anyone has any further tips I’d love to hear them.  We’ll be concentrating on mammals, but also looking at birds and other groups.  The Lamar Valley sounds the best place to concentrate on.  As well as sites for specific species I’d be interested in recommended accommodation etc.  Also places outside Yellowstone, for example Grand Teton.

Many thanks in anticipation



  • Jon Hall

    Hi Steve, while I remember how did you get on in Canada in the summer? Do you have a report/ list of mammals you saw that you can share yet? cheers

  • stevebabbs


    Yes it was a good trip. I will knock something together as soon as I get chance; I’m having an even more than normal hectic start to the new school year.

    • Jon Hall

      Great. I am hoping to head up there again quite soon so will look forward to it. Good luck with the new school year!

      • stevebabbs

        I’ll try to get it done asap. I’m presently going through my notes. I’m always happy to answer individual requests for information from anyone visiting anywhere I’ve been. I never saw fisher, which I seem to remember you were keen to see. Quite a few mammal photos from the trip are on Facebook and hopefully they will be going on my website soon.

  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Steve. Did you see any White-sided Dolphins and did you get a feel for where and when to look for them?

  • stevebabbs

    White-sided dolphin was probably my most obvious dip, We did a whale trip, near Gaspe, with these people:
    White-sided dolphin is fairly regularly seen – they have a sightings page on the website – but more often it’s not seen. Having the whole family with me, all of whom wouldn’t have been happy for me to keep going on boat trips without them, I couldn’t afford to keep trying! Especially as I had seen my main target species of blue whale.

  • Alan

    Hi Steve, let me provide you with some more information let me know if you have questions. For the latest Yellowstone sighting information check out this forum: I always check it out the weeks leading up to a trip to see what is being seen where.

    As stated previously, the best way to avoid the crowds is to go out early, stay out late, and try to get off the roads. We love staying in SilverGate since it is the closest location to the Lamar Valley (and the entrance to the BearTooth Highway which is really pretty). Of course, this puts you a long way away from the Old Faithful area which may or may not be OK if you are into the thermal features.

    Grand Teton is a must visit if not for the scenery alone. The iconic spots (Oxbow Bend, Mormon Row Barns,Schwabbers Landing, etc) are not to be missed. We stay at Signal Mountain Lodge in the Tetons but many people find cheaper places to stay in Jackson.

    I have 5 or 6 trip reports from the last view years here and Jon has a couple of them posted as well.

    If you come up with any specific questions, let me know.

  • mattinidaho

    Alan gives good advice and the trip reports will steer you well too. I often try to stay in Mammoth or Roosevelt–you can get some lower-priced cabins/rooms and it’s a very convenient location. These are busy–especially Mammoth–but it puts you right in the heart of the wildlife action. I have had some of my best sightings when staying in Mammoth.

    Canyon Village is centrally located. It’s also busy but there can be good wildlife around the lodging there. I am not a fan of the circus of Old Faithful Lodge (unless in winter).

    What species besides wolves do you most want to see?

    For most species, you’ll find good info in the trip reports. Let me know your “most want to see” and I’ll suggest other locations.


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