Fame at last – Mongabay on Mammal Watching

  1. Andy Holman 9 years ago

    Congratulations on a great interview and continuing to support interest in seeing mammals.

  2. Alan 9 years ago

    Awesome interview Jon. Congratulations!

  3. Vladimir Dinets 9 years ago

    Excellent job!

  4. Bob Berghaier 9 years ago

    Well done. Are you now based in NYC?

    • Jon Hall 9 years ago

      Thanks Bob and all – yes I am a New Yorker these days

  5. Bob Berghaier 9 years ago

    If you ever make your way down south to Philadelphia let me know.
    I’ll buy you a beer or two.

    • Jon Hall 9 years ago

      THat would be great Bob. I hope to get down for a weekend early next year. And if you ever come to NYC then I will do the same for you.

  6. Bob Berghaier 9 years ago

    Good Morning John,

    If you would like I can give you a guided tour of the Philadelphia Zoo. I was a keeper and keeper supervisor there for over 24 years and for the past 11 I’ve been an education volunteer.

  7. tomeslice 9 years ago

    Good stuff, Jon!!
    I don’t have that much to add on top of everybody else.. but keep up the good info from your experiences and everybody else’s!

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