Some recent articles that might be of interest

Clouded Leopard research in Borneo

Camera Trap Images from Karnataka (especially Sloth Bears)

A recap of some of the “new” mammals discovered in 2013

A new marsupial in Ecuador: Researchers working in Ecuador have identified a previously unknown species of shrew-opossum, according to a study recently published in the Journal of Mammalogy. Contrary to its mousey appearance, Caenolestes sangay, named after the national park where it was discovered, is actually a marsupial.

And finally, I was interested to hear – via Andrew Block – that there was a dead True’s Beaked Whale at Newport Rhode Island at the very end of December.




  • John Fox

    Speaking of beaked whales of the eastern US, Angus Wilson reported a likely resident population of Sowerby’s Beaked Whales 88 miles off Long Island.

    A doable trip, just need 6 people to hire a boat.

  • tomeslice

    Speaking of Clouded leopard research…
    Does anyone know of any place with mega-high biodiversity (like Damun Valley, Napo Wildlife Center, somewhere in India/South Africa) where I can volunteer for a few weeks during the summer?

    I’ve contacted clouded leopard researchers back in the “dizzay” (around 2-3 years ago) explaining to them my passion for deepening our understanding of the behavioral patterns of some of the world’s most elusive mammals, and bringing them into light thereby increasing the awareness and conservation efforts blah blah blah.. But nobody had anything.

    I want to volunteer in the field, obviously, not in an office somewhere in the USA.. Somewhere where I can help teach English/set up camera traps/ collect data/ enter data (data entry)/ even lead guided night tours or anything that doesn’t require hard physical labor. I’ve contacted Napo Wildilfe Center and they haven’t replied either. Really, I just want to spend some weeks during the summer, in a place where I can contribute during the day like 5-6 days a week, have basic living conditions (food, beds, showers) without having to pay for it (or pay very little), and explore the area on my free time in search of awesome infrequently-seen animals.

    Anyone knows anything?
    PS – some background: Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, currently studying for Master’s in Mechanical Engineering; Speaks English & Hebrew fluently, 3 years of French; Obviously good with computers / Microsoft Office programs; have conducted systematic studies on Geoldi’s Marmosets as part of an undergrad symposium in collaboration with the St. Louis Zoo…
    Obvious passion for nature conservation.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Jon Hall

      Hi Tomer. I know that this place – REGUA – takes volunteers and sounds pretty sweet for a few weeks. I can put you in touch with 2 people who volunteered there to see what the go is. More commercial places – like Napo – might be harder to arrange I guess. I know a place in Kerala which might be interested to if India appeals. Jon

      • tomeslice

        Thanks for the info Jon!

        I might be interested in Kerala, as it contains all species I haven’t seen, whereas in REGUA I’m very unlikely to see the species I haven’t seen (and want to see), and have already seen many of the mammals they have there, even the cats.

        I’m probably going to post this as a new thread so that it gets more exposure.. Sorry it’s a little redundant, but I REALLY want to spend the summer somewhere where there is potential to see several interesting animals I’ve never seen, especially carnivores, prosimians, apes, and other special interesting things like pangolins and aardvarks.

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