• tomeslice

    Holy crap! Is it just me, or do the trip reports from Brazil keep getting more and more packed with interesting mammals?? FIVE neotropical cat species in 11 days, including 2 pumas?!?! That’s great!

    • charleswhood

      My wife and I did a trip with WildWings to Brazil a few years ago — depending how one counts heard-only and introduced species, our trip list was somewhere between 44 and 48 species. This was an August trip and we had just stunning views of jaguars. (We did though miss maned wolf, or rather everybody but two people did, and giant armadillo was “heard only” down in a very deep burrow.) I ended up skipping an important family wedding in order to go on this trip, but having already cancelled it the year before for family reasons, I was more or less determined to go the second time around, come hell or high water! / Charles Hood, Palmdale, CA

  • Alan

    Wow, what a great report! We just inked our trip for next fall to the Pantanal and reports like this really get me excited for the trip..can’t wait.

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