Carnivores in trouble & Bats and Frogs in Panama

A couple of articles of interest..

The world’s top carnivores are in big trouble: this is the take-away message from a new review paper published today in Science.


One male frog’s loud, low mating call in search of a love connection has a deadly unintended effect – attracting frog-eating bats, researchers have found.



  • Jurek


    I cannot post new messages somehow, but:

    Can somebody identify bats seen in the bat cave near Khao Yai, Thailand? Link to birdforum with pictures:


  • Jon Hall

    Hi Jurek,. the images of the roosting bats are all horseshoe bats. Rhinolophus sp. I have caught Malayan Horseshoe Bats in the park but there are probably 10 or so species in Khao Yai. And the only way really to distinguish them from pictures is to study the shape of the noseleaf (both front on and in profile). If you send me some high res pics I will take a look and see if I can help. Jon

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