World Mammal List

I’m on the hunt for a world mammal list with English and scientific names in Excel format.  Does anyone out there have anything that fits the bill that they would be willing to share?

Thanks in advance.


  • Andrew Block

    The only mammal lifelist I know of is in book form. It’s Mammal’s of the World: A Checklist by Duff & Lawson.

  • John Fox

    There is an old thread about this. IIRC someone formatted the Duff and Lawson list for Avisys, which I think can be exported to excel, or at least a comma delimited list. Curtis Hart was active in that thread, he might be able to dig it up.

    I’m in a hotel room in Hatteras hoping to find an Albatross tomorrow, so can’t be more help right now. Maybe Jon knows how to search for old threads on this blog, I’ve found it to be a pretty frustrating activity.

    Oh, I really meant to say I’m hoping to find an Orca tomorrow, LOL.

  • tomeslice

    Am I a little WordPress illiterate or is there no way to add an attachment to a comment?

    Well, I’ll just send you a link:

    This is a link that was posted on this blog not very long ago, which has the biodiversity density maps of all mammals and of specific orders throughout the world. But as an added bonus, there is a link at the bottom of the paragraph that starts with “For mammals, all maps…” which downloads an excel sheet. In this excel sheet, if you click on the tab “All species” you get a list of 5311 mammals, which I think is the complete list. It has the entire classification for each mammal from kingdom down to species, and if you scroll to the right it also has the English common name.

  • morganchurchill

    You can download the taxonomy for Mammal Species of the World 3rd edition here:

    Which is more recent than the Duff and Lawson book. You will need to open it up in excel and probably delete a lot of columns to convert it to a more user friendly form. This is generally the list I follow.

  • VC25Photo

    Many thanks for the help!

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