New Trip Reports: Kenya & Morocco

Two new reports from Dominique Brugiere are up on

Kenya, 2013: Dominque Brugiere, 10 days with species including Hirola, Desert Warthog,Tana River Mangabey, Black-fronted Duiker and Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew.

Morocco, 2013: Dominique Brugiere, notes from two trips (10 days & 3 weeks), with species including semi-wild Monk Seal (in Mauritania), Striped Polecat, Barbary Ground Squirrel and Fennec Fox.

I’m heading to Europe for 10 days from tomorrow and will hopefully get a chance to look around Croatia for a mammal or two



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  • Francine

    Hi, my question has nothing to do with the post, sorry but didn’t find another way to get in contact with the mammalwatching community. Does anyone has an idea of how many species of mammals were discovered/described/rediscovered (I am thinking of the saola) last year? Thanks a lot for helping me on this one.

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