Swamp Rabbits in Texas – RFI

Hi, I am going to Texas tomorrow and wanted to try to look for swamp rabbits around Corpus Christi or Austin. Does anyone have any good spots for them? They are at Aransas NWR I know, but it sounds like they are hard to see there




  • vdinets

    They are not that difficult at Aransas, but if you miss them there, try Welder Wildlife Refuge, Goose Island State Park, Hans A. Suter Wildlife Area, or Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens. I’d call them in advance to see which place will allow you to stay longer at dusk.

  • PandaSmith

    “Swamp Rabbits” Sounds like the name for the newest Discover Channel production….

  • Andrew Block

    I got one in a swamp in Alabama but never anywhere else. I would try any good looking swamp for them. I don’t remember seeing good habitat in either Austin or CC, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any. In my opinion marsh rabbits are easier to find. Good luck.


  • Jon Hall

    Dear all, many thanks. I ran out of time and energy in the end to explore too far for the Rabbits, but did see one on Cape Velero near Rockport, Tx. Will post a report soon. Jon

    • vdinets

      You were lucky to have escaped in time. It’s raining so hard here, everything is flooded.

      • Jon Hall

        Yes.. I managed to avoid it, but 5″ fell the day before I got to San Angelo and a lot of places were flooded, which stopped me from going skunk catching as planned. But we caught a bunch of rodents in any case jon

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