Florida Report

We spent a week in Florida recently at St Augustine and then on the west coast near Crystal River.  About half the time was spent on  business.  The two goals of the other half of the trip were the wild bird rookery in St. Augustine and Manatees at Crystal River.  We had great luck at both locations.  

I will skip the long list of bird sightings.  But, we did see tons of herps including:

– Pygmy Rattlesnake
– Green Anole
– Broadhead Skink
– Yellow Rat Snake
– Florida Water Snake
– Six-lined Racerunner
– Five-lined Skink
– Brown Anole
– Black Rat Snake

On the Mammal front, we also had reasonably good luck.  We weren’t able to hit some of the spots recommended by mammalwatching folks due to time constraints but we did have reasonably good luck anyway:

– Eastern Gray Squirrel
– Eastern Cottontail
– West Indian Manatee
– Atlantic bottlenose dolphin

– Nine-banded Armadillo

– White-tailed Deer

A full gallery of pictures is available here if you are interested: http://www.focusedonnature.com/Trips/Florida-2014/


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