New Trip Report – Croatia & Italy; Last Stand for US Ocelots?

Mike Richardson and Sarah Winch just got back from a road trip through Italy to Croatia and sent me a great report.

Italy and Croatia, 2014: Mike Richardson & Sarah Winch, 8 days & 14 species including Mediterranean Monk Seal, Beech Marten, Striped Field Mouse, Alpine Ibex and Chamois.

Rumour has it that the seal has been AWOL for the past few days… has anyone seen it this month?

Last November in Texas, a feline twice the size of a house cat was struck dead on State Highway 100, just south of Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in the Rio Grande Valley. Leo Gustafson, the refuge’s assistant manager, went out to inspect the corpse. He soon found himself gazing at the cat’s beautiful tawny coat, covered with spots, bars, and splotches—the perfect camouflage for a thorn-scrub habitat of sun and shade. But the pattern had proved useless as the ocelot tried to cross the four-lane divided highway. Read more here



  • John Fox

    Indeed a great report from Mike, congrats on the Monk Seal!!

    I had to laugh about the snow covered passes, I once flew into Reno, NV in May, thinking I’d go into Yosemite from the east. The fricking passes were closed until late June, on average.

    So I drove 12 hours to Carrizo Plains and had a great time.


  • phil telfer

    Re. the seal, i spent 3 days around Pula a week ago and no sign of the seal. Marko at the Safari bar and Jasna the researcher had no info. on its location for the week prior so seems i was just unlucky. did hear that the seal has since been re-located.
    Thanks to Mike for great gen on the trip.

    phil telfer.

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