Advertising Fiona Reid’s Nicaragua 2015 tour

Fiona Reid, legendary mammalogist, is running another trip to Nicaragua 2015 and asked if I would advertise it, which I do without hesitation. Fiona has teamed up with Jose Gabriel again for this tour who I had the great fortune to travel with earlier this. So I am sure its going to be a good trip, maybe even as good as this year’s tour.



  • John Gustafson

    Thanks for posting the announcement of Fiona Reid’s trip in 2015, as well as her trip report for 2014. I would be interested in Reid’s (or any other) candid analysis of the safety issues regarding small-group travel in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala, the three countries in C. America that most birding and natural-history groups avoid due to safety concerns.

  • Jon Hall

    Hi John, I will ask Fiona to reply to this. All I can say is I have been to Nicaragua twice and never got the slightest hint of any safety concerns myself (or heard of any from those I was with).

  • Jon Hall

    Hi John, Fiona Reid is travelling but sent me the following response to your question


    “So many people flock to Costa Rica, Panama and Belize, but Nicaragua is at least as safe if not safer than those countries. As in any city, robberies do occur in the capital and some of the more touristic beach resorts. On a nature tour the areas we visit are considered to be very safe and I have not run into any problems or met anyone reporting problems in these areas. I think it helps that on my trip we always travel with a local resident and stay away from areas with high tourism.

    I’ve been to most Central and South American countries, and I am thinking of spending my winters in Nicaragua, so that gives you an idea of how I personally feel about security in this lovely country!

    from Trip Advisor:

    As far as crime, Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Central America. Many of the neighboring countries of Nicaragua in Central America are with an index of very high crime, Nicaragua reports only 14 crimes for each 100,000 inhabitants. Countries like El Salvador with 71 in 100,000, Honduras with 67 in 100,000, Guatemala with 52 in 100,000, Panama with 24 in 100,000, Belize with 29 in 100.000, Only Costa Rica is a bit lower than Nicaragua 13 crimes for each 100,000 inhabitants.” Fiona Reid

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