Mammal Big Day

Tim and I decided to try for a mammal big day this weekend in Belgium.
We were less successful than we hoped and would have liked but we did manage some very nice sightings, including the mouflon which we hadn’t seen in Belgium before.

For the whole story and pictures:

Mammal Big Day



  • tembo10

    I’d say that’s a pretty impressive mammal day for Belgium, so well done. Getting Wild cat and badger in the same day can’t be too easy in most parts of Europe. With a bit more planning, luck (the key variable in any big mammal day!) and a bat detector, it sounds as if you could get a fairly impressive list. Looking forward to The Big Day part 2!!!


  • Stefanie

    Thanks for the comment! The good thing about a modest list is that it is reasonable to assume that we can do better on our second try.

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