Request of pictures, Marsupials. Handbook of the Mammals of the World

Dear friends,

My name is José Luis Copete, amd I’m photographic editor at the HMW series. We are now asking for pictures of Marsupials, for Volume 5. I already received around 10.000 images. This first set is allowing me to see which groups are poorly represented. Mostly, the Marsupials present in the Neotropics.

I would be most interested to receive images of these last species, as well as any of other groups (including the common kangaroos, wallabies, etc…). If you have images of Neotropical marsupials, feel free to send me these to my email (

We offer a fee of 120US$ for the use non-exclusive, for only one time, of each image. Or a free copy of HMW.

Best wishes to all,

José Luis Copete

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