Ethiopian mammal

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We are working on a small camera trap project to see what is left of wildlife in afromontane rainforests of SW Ethiopia. One of our camera’s unfortunately seemed to be set up to take pictures instead of films. And of course this happens to be the one with the most interesting material. Still, most of the photo’s are identifiable but we are struggling with this pictureM2E1L0-19R350B300  . I was wondering if you could take a look and ask your opinion on the species. To avoid bias I will not tell you what I think it could be 🙂
Anyway, I added two more pictures to give you an idea of the size of the animal: picture 35 is a common duiker, picture 36 is a (blotched?) genet, which appears to be chasing/following the duiker. Any idea why?M2E1L0-27R350B300M2E1L0-27R350B300
Another blog posted strange behaviour of genets as well (sorry if crossposting the link):
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