New Trip Report – Brazil’s Emas National Park

  1. PandaSmith 8 years ago

    Awesome report! Once again – salivating! So, let’s say the Smith clan had a few weeks to kill in the distant future and wanted to spot as much mammal fauna as possible in Brazil, aside from the Pantanal (which I have visited several times before – the Som and Cokie have not) and Emas, what else would people suggest?

    • vdinets 8 years ago

      Sierra de Canastra. Other than that, you have to slog through a huge number of small reserves in coastal provinces, separated by considerable distances, picking up those endemic primates and rodents one by one. Even if you use a relatively sane taxonomy, there is still enough of them to keep you busy for a long time.

      I’m not even mentioning the Amazon because trying to tie it with other parts of Brazil in the same trip doesn’t work very well. The only place you can reasonably combine with the Pananal is Rio Cristalino.

      As for Iguazu, either don’t go there at all or go to the Argentinian side.

  2. Jon Hall 8 years ago

    Coke, I think my 2007 trip to Brazil was a good introduction for an initial 3 weeks.

    After you’ve visited those sites then other bits of the Atlantic Rainforest are good stopping off also for the Golden Lion Tamarins near Rio (see this page

    Beware of Brazilian Banks!


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