travel companion for wildlife watching


I’m in search of a travel companion, who shares the same passion as me for wildlife watching and nature photography for possible future trips! I also enjoy trekking in the mountains, which I sometimes try to combine with wildlife watching if possible.

I’m 44 years old and I live in Switzerland. Because I’m a teacher I do enjoy a lot of vaccation;-).

The following countries I would love to visit ( I’m also open for other suggestions):

Madagascar: for instance Masoala Pensinsula, Marojejy NP, Daraina ….

Ethiopa: Danakil Depression, Simien mountains (trekking and wildlife watching), Bale mountains and and…..

Colombia: for instance Tayrona NR (Cotton top tamarin)

Peru: Iquitos area (primates-> for instance red uakaris, birdlife, amphibians, reptiles), cordillera Blanca for hikking

Irian Jaya:for instance Arfak mountains

The wishlist is of course much longer;-).

I’m looking forward to hear from you!



  • Cheryl Antonucci

    Hi Carmen! I was actually thinking about 2016 for Colombia. I know it is a bit far away but…. Not only for the cotton top, but also to try for the white footed tamarin and the brown spider monkey. I think Manakin nature tours based in Colombia has a guide that worked with the spider monkeys in the past so it is just a thought. Jon has my contact info so let me know what you think!
    Cheryl Antonucci

    • carmenlundqvist

      Hi Cheryl,

      Yes, it’s rather a bit far away…;-). but it sounds great! My ex husband is currently travelling in Colombia and I will contact him, once he will be back. I’ll get in touch with Jon.

  • Juan Matute

    Hi Carmen! If you are interested to nature of Spain (iberian lynx, bear, wolf, birds, anphibian, reptile), I can help you plan a trip.
    Juan Matute

  • Paul Carter

    Hi Carmen. I also end up with blocks of time for travel (being a geologist on no fixed schedule); and am interested in some of the trips you mention (Ethiopia, Madagascar, Irian Jaya and I need to spend more time in South America), I am based in Thailand, working around SE Asia mostly. Rgds, Paul Carter (

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