Mammals in the news

Some recent stories

Wild mouse lemurs live six times longer than similar-sized mammals. A new study has found that brown mouse lemurs in the wild can live to be up to at least eight years old, which is twice as long as other mammals of a similar size. See

More than 60 years after its last confirmed sighting, the endangered, vampire-like, Kashmir musk deer has been seen in northeast Afghanistan, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has confirmed. See

How Did A Porcupine Repel 17 Lions? Viral Video – When the going gets tough, the prickly get going—especially in the case of a plucky porcupine that recently fended off 17 lions in South Africa’s Londolozi Game Reserve. Unfortunately the article uses a picture of an American Porcupine which would have rather more difficulty fending off a Lion! See

Brazil declares new protected area larger than Delaware. Home to 13 primates including Red-nosed Sakis. See


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