Mammals in the News

Unique Among Animals, Kangaroos Use Tail as Fifth Leg, Scientists Find. How many legs does a kangaroo have? The correct answer, according to new research, is five. See more here

Reversing Course on Beavers. BUTTE, Mont. — Once routinely trapped and shot as varmints, their dams obliterated by dynamite and bulldozers, beavers are getting new respect these days. Across the West, they are being welcomed into the landscape as a defense against the withering effects of a warmer and drier climate. See more here

Should You Fear the Pizzly Bear? A nice NY Times article on hybridization and speciation. See more here

Scottish wildcat benefits from six new protection sites. Six sites in Scotland have been identified by Scottish Natural Heritage as key areas for Scottish wildcats following research into the endangered cat species. See more here

$1 million raised to save Snow Leopards. See more here



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