My own prelim list of Mammals of North America

Hey Folks,

Since Vladimir Dinets just posted his own checklist, I thought I would post my unfinished efforts at the similar project.

This is unfinished, and I still need to revise/look over moles, bats, hoofed mammals, and carnivores, so the list of those groups is likely to face substantial revision. I also need to incorporate some papers that have been published over the last year and a half. It differs in several ways from Dinets’ checklist, including taxonomic decisions (I tend to lean towards splitting, not lumping species and genera), as well as the inclusion of Hawaii (not that this actually adds much beyond some exotics and Hawaiian Monk Seal).

I have tried to extensively annotate it, and also list where more work is needed and where future lumps and splits. I have avoided making any novel changes as well, and only split/lump species which have been firmly argued for in some scientific paper.

I would love comments and suggestions, and references for any papers that I have neglected and overlooked.


  • vdinets

    Finally managed to download it. Nice work!
    It is my understanding that red-bellied squirrel has been eradicated in Florida, and that at least some of monkey populations in Florida did not survive the Big Freeze of 2011.
    I wrote to Baker (the first author of the 2003 checklist) and suggested that we publish the updated list jointly. Would you like to participate in the project?

    • morganchurchill

      It looks like their has been an effort to eradicate the Red-bellied Squirrel, which was suppose to be finished by 2011. I am not sure if this plan has been continued or has been successful, but I will add a note to the checklist for this species.

      Looking online, I have found 2013 articles supporting to continued existence of both Vervet and Squirrel Monkey. The Dania Beach population has either declined or just moved farther from humans…hard to see. At least the Bonnet House Squirrel Monkeys are going strong, and are still seen. So I think I will keep these species on the list as is, Although I will note that some Vervet populations may be declining.

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