Mammals in the News

Here are a couple of fun videos to start the new year: some spectacular Humpback feeding behaviour and some unusual mammal trapping (Black Wildebeest with netguns from a chopper).

Next, news of cats outside of where you might expect them: Mountain Lions in the San Francisco Bay, and Cheetahs in Iran. While I was saddened to hear there are only 2000 Lions left in Kenya, this conservation project looks promising.

In Australia, researchers have just discovered a new species of Antechinus, while in Canada some research seems to revolve around killing wolves by their hundred (I imagine there might be another side to this story.. I hope so). Perhaps this is one reason why there are now far more wolves in Europe than North America, with European populations of Lynx, Bears and Wolverines all also increasing.

Finally an interesting article about Ebola and a possible link with bats.




  • Ralf Bürglin

    Dear Jon,

    thanks for the news and especially for the info about bear, lynx and wolf in Europe. Please let me announce that my book “Sie sind wieder da – Bär, Luchs und Wolf erleben” (engl. “They are back again – experiencing bear, lynx and wolf) is in the press. This illustrated book summarizes the current situation of bear, wolf, lynx, polar bear and iberian lynx in Europe, shows 15 destinations between Svalbard and Southern Spain to watch the species. Many people who also post their trip reports on have contributed. The book will be out soon, February 5th. Translations will be available later on. I will post the publisher’s catalogue side as soon as I get the updated version. – Of course Jon Hall and is also acknowledged!!

    Best regards, Ralf Bürglin

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