New Trip Report – Minnesota 2015

Cheryl Antonucci just spent a very cold week in Minnesota. She spent most of it looking at birds! This is of grave concern. However you will be happy to see she did see some nice mammals. And I can grudgingly admit that Great Grey Owls are worth a second glance too.

The area also seems good for Lynx.

Minnesota 2015: Cheryl Antonucci, 1 week & 6 species including Ermine (Stoat) and Marten.



  • John Fox

    Nice, Cheryl. I’m way jealous of two mustelids!

    The Golden Eagle Lodge looks good, too. I often wonder about America. I go to these great eco-lodges in the middle of nowhere in the tropics or somewhere, but on trips here I’m in a Motel 6 right next to the freeway.

    • Cheryl Antonucci

      Thanks!!! I am so the same way about the US. I always stay in cheaper places,then overseas I want the super fancy place. I’ve also noticed so many places in the US, except for maybe southern Arizona, don’t list cool mammals that show up to feeders. The eagle place told to me they also get martens frequently at the feeders, but not daily like the flying squirrels. I think maybe with a jam sandwich you could get them, but maybe not the squirrels at the same time 🙂 unless you really want to feed the martens a protein meal as well. One side note about the birders I noticed is they are super networked. A guy got a northern saw-whet owl at his house and within hours most of the birders knew about it. Once we got enough people we need to have networking like that too!! Sorry Jon H the saw-whet was fantastic as well.

  • John Fox

    I was googling about the gunflint trail area and found this thread about paddling in the lakes, which is the same area. Lots of good mammals.

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