A Mammal Watching Tip in Costa Rica – Bosque Del Cabo Resort

I think the mammal watching community is mostly familiar with Bosque Del Cabo in Costa Rica, partly thanks to Alan Dahl.

This is a more upscale resort, not for the budget traveler, but it’s definitely worth checking out. I just wanted to mention their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bosque-del-Cabo-Rainforest-Lodge/44240529653 , where they post updates from their trail cameras. Particularly the Titi Trail seems to be a good place for Puma and Ocelot, especially in the dry season. During most dry seasons, at least one resident puma is spotted a few times a week, almost daily, by visitors or staff. Ocelots are also ‘captured’ at least weekly, but usually at night by the trail camera and not by visitors. Jaguarundis are much more rare than the previous two cats but are seen occasionally, and all-in-all, this is most definitely the best place in Costa Rica and probably in all of Central America to look for cats, and especially pumas.

Other animals they have captured recently include tapirs (which is of course much easier at the nearby Corcovado National Park), daily peccaries, including white-lipped whenever they hang out there for a few weeks at a time, all the ‘regulars’ of Costa Rica, and a recent sighting of a grison!! Granted, this is the first time they recorded this species there, but it’s still cool. Tayras and Tamanduas are seen occasionally as well, but are also more likely to be encountered in the adjacent National Park, and Alan has seen the silky anteater there too.

I know next time I’m in CR I will pay a visit to the lodge, and patrol the Titi Trail most of the time…


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