Some unknown mammals from previous trips


I have some pictures from previous trips for which I don’t have an ID yet. If someone has an idea, that would be great!

1. unknown Rice rat, February 2010, Shiripuno Lodge (Amazon), Ecuador

Bicolored arboreal rice rat

2. unknown mouse or rat, September 2011, Tadoussac, Canada. The body was pretty small (maybe a little bigger than a House mouse), and the tail furry white. The animal was quite soaked, so the colours are not so reliable I guess).

2011_09_20 16u42 jumping mouse Tadoussac (Can)

3. This is probably impossible to ID, but you never know. Bat spec, February 2014, Tarcoles bridge, Costa Rica. Several of these small very dark bats flew under the bridge over the river in the evening at the well-known bridge.

2014_02_01 Tarcoles bat IMG_3920

Thanks in advance!

Simon Feys


  • Jon Hall

    Hi Simon, I showed these to Fiona Reid who is probably about the best person anywhere to ID this stuff. She said

    The first is an Oecomys, not O. bicolor but one of the O. trinitatus/concolor complex, of which there are at least 3 species in Amazonian Ecuador. Can’t ID to species on these without a specimen.

    The second is a deer or white-footed mouse (most likely the former). Not sure why the tail is all white but it is definitely a Peromyscus.

    Not sure about the bat. Various Myotis feed over water (M. riparius, M. albescens) so it could be one of those, or the less common Macrophyllum macrophyllum.



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