Mystery mouse

Here’s a little mouse hand-caught in Lake Abiata-Shala Nat’l Park, Ethiopia, on 1 March 2009. All that time I thought I knew the species, but now I have doubts. It was an adult male with very soft fir; the habitat was dry savanna at the flat bottom of Rift Valley.
Any opinions?
Vladimir Dinets

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  1. Author
    vdinets 8 years ago

    I mean fur, not fir, sorry.

  2. Charles Foley 8 years ago

    How long was the tail? If shorter than the body I would say Steatomys, but the animal looks very small, so perhaps a Mus (minutoides maybe).


    • Author
      vdinets 8 years ago

      It was short, but the tip was missing. IUCN doesn’t show M. minutoides in Ethiopia.

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