New Trip Report: Djibouti

A report – with great photos – from an interesting country

Djibouti, 2014: Remco Hofland, 1 week & 12 species including Speke’s Pectinator, Dorcas and Soemmerring’s Gazelles and Gerenuk.

Speke’s Pectinator… such a great name. It sounds more like a kitchen appliance than a small mammal



  • vdinets

    Nice report! Sounds like the best option is to rent a car upon arrival and live in it. I wonder if you can take a rental car into Somaliland.

  • Remco Hofland

    If I remember correctly, the Terms & conditions of car rental prohibited taking the car abroad. Not surprisingly given the local situation. Hargeisa, capital of Somaliland, is however only a short flight from Djibouti City.

    Thanks for your kind comment on the report. Most (mammal) pictures in it were made by Wesley Overman. I just saw his pix of Ethiopia, of which I’m currently writing a report, and you’re in for (more of) a treat!

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