Top 10 Night Safaris

Here is a blog I wrote on night safaris. Keep in mind that my organization’s membership has all levels of nature skill and interest, so I tried to give a varied account. And I wanted to mainly include places I had already been. I am sure there are many great options I missed — be sure to leave your picks in the Comments section of Cool Green Science.

10 Night Safaris


  • vnsankar123

    A few notes on night safaris in E Africa:

    In Laikipia (place called Laikipia Wilderness Camp) in N Kenya, I didn’t have much luck (rain, wind during my stay), but others just before and after my trip saw Aardvark, Aardwolf, Lion, Zorilla, Striped Hyena, Caracal, Serval, Crested Porcupine, and Leopard; I saw Bat-eared Fox, African Wild Dog and Spotted Hyena.

    In Lake Manyara NP, I had superb night drive in summer 2013: in 2-3 hours, I had Northern Greater Galago, Crested Porcupine, several bat species, Serval, Black-backed Jackal, Spotted Hyena, Lion, Blotched Genet, African Civet, Marsh Mongoose, White-tailed Mongoose, Bushpig, Klipspringer, and a bunch of the usual herbivores; also, I saw 2 Harvey’s Duikers at the S end of the park and a pack of wild dogs had been seen the previous day (!).

    In Masai Mara NR in Kenya, I took a drive on the periphery; slightly less diverse, but I still got Senegal and Large-eared Galagos, East African Springhare, White-tailed Mongoose, Spotted Hyena, and Mountain Reedbuck; also, I got Oribi, Southern Tree Hyrax, Red-tailed Monkey, and Egyptian Mongoose nearby during the day.

    Finally, in the remote Ishaqbini Conservancy, according to Jamie Manuel, who spends several months out here out the year (and who accompanied me on my visit this summer), Striped Hyena, Aardwolf, Aardvark, Serval, Wildcat, Caracal, African Civet, Harvey’s Duiker, Small-eared, Somali, and Senegal Galagos, and Crested Porcupine are seen pretty often; also, Somali Dwarf Mongoose are in the area too. When I was there, I found Hirola, Desert Warthog, Lesser Kudu, Tana River Mangabey, and Tana River Mangabey in a day! What an amazing place…

  • kittykat23uk

    There’s a good thread on night drives here too:

    I commented on some of my experiences in that thread.

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