Polar Bears on the Edge: new book and fundraising campaign

Morten Joergensen, who was with me in Ladakh on our snow leopard expedition last year, is passionate about the plight of Polar Bears and has written a book on their conservation, in particular to draw attention to the unsustainable hunting of bears in many places. And his statistics are shocking.

To read more, to buy a book and/or donate to the campaign then please visit here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/polar-bears-on-the-edge

This is a controversial topic but also one that I think needs the sort of public debate that Morten is seeking to start with this book.


  1. […] This article suggests Polar Bears may be able to change their diet to adapt (though people like Moreten Joergensen argue that Polar Bear hunting presents a huge risk to the species, notwithstanding climate […]

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