Chimp&See camera trap photo’s Sierra Leone


Great new project on Zooniverse featuring camera trap footage from Sierra Leone and adjacent countries. I find it a great way to learn the Duikers and other forest dwellers. The only pity is that you can’t tag most species to species level: few options are given among the possible answers.

In one evening tagging I saw Water Chevrotain, Jentink’s Duiker, Banded (Zebra) Duiker, Western Bay Duiker, Western Yellow-backed Duiker, Maxwell’s Duiker, Forest Elephant, Chimpansee, Sooty Mangabey, Brush-tailed Porcupine, Gambian Pouched Rat

Black, Ogilby’s Duikers should also be possible.

Maurice Tijm


  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Maurice for posting on this. I was playing with it a couple of weeks ago and it is a lot of fun. Quite addictive. And when I saw some Red River Hogs it was almost like seeing them in the wild… well not quite but it was exciting!

    • mauricetijm

      Indeed! I am almost considering an extra column to my life list: ‘seen on camera trap’. Having seen it on cam feels more than not having seen it before. I wish more info on the cam sites was available to learn more about forest health, pressures and its impact on species diversity and abundancy. Hogs e.g. appear to be quite rare on the cams, while the species are not uncommon in unpoached forest?

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