Mammals in the News

I’m heading off to the jungle tonight for two weeks starting in Sabah. Bring on the Sun Bears, the Marbled Cats and the leeches. Meanwhile here are a few articles that caught my eye.

I’ll also be visiting Sumatra. I would love to see a Pangolin and it seems there are still some left on the island. But for how long? Yikes.

Other articles dealt with the Hainan Gibbon (the world’s rarest primate), and the pressures of hunting on African herbivores. Staying in Africa, I was, in 2011, lucky enough to meet Andrea Turkalo in the Central African Republic when we shared the tree platform over Dzanga bai for an afternoon. She’s an extraordinary person as this great article from the New Yorker explains.

Finally, some great footage of a Polecat gang – what’s the collective noun for a group of mustelids? – in the UK.

See you next month


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