A Tribute to Mammal Watching (and Vladimir’s Book)

Here is a blog I wrote about the rise of mammal watching, including my own long-time fascination with mammals, the importance of this web site to fellow enthusiasts and how Vladimir Dinets’ book could make mammal watching even more accessible. Hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t have Vladimir’s book, get it now!


  • vdinets

    Good job! And thanks for mentioning the book.

  • Alan D

    Great post Matt. I do think you are right. Mammal watching is on the rise and folks like Jon, Vladimir, and frankly everyone else out here is helping that along (yourself included). Let’s keep it going!

    I was first captured by mammals on a trip to Denali. We rounded a bend after about an hour on that bus and there off the side of the road was a huge mother grizzly and 2 cubs. Just grazing some 10 feet away. They seemed bigger than life. The experience was awesome and one I will never forget. We ended up seeing 13 bears on that 6 hour trip (a record for one trip according to the bus driver) and my love for mammals was born. Luckily, I already had a passion for list making so the two have blended perfectly.

    Now, I need to click on some of those links in your article and start adding some places to my to do list. Pygmy rabbits, here I come…

  • mattinidaho

    Thanks Vladimir and Alan.

    Alan, there are a couple of really great pygmy rabbit spots. I spent years in sagebrush habitat and didn’t see them, and in the past year found 2 great spots — Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming and off the Owyhee Backcountry Byway in Idaho (I can provide more detailed directions if interested; I sent a mammal watcher there this spring. He went three times and saw pygmy rabbits twice). Vladimir also has some good pygmy rabbit spots in his book.

  • Porcupine Tracker

    Thanks for a great article and directing me to this site. I think I am going to like it here.

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