Mammals in the News

A few recent articles.

While the Eastern Cougar has been declared extinct, animals in the West remain bold (as do Colorado house cats!). Israeli Bee-eaters are also pretty bold too as these incredible photos of one eating a bat show.

Most of you will have read about the depressing report claiming the Earth is entering the 6th great extinction phase. I found other reports even more depressing over the past couple of weeks. Articles like this one – on Rhino poaching in South Africa – and this one – on Tanzania’s Elephants – leave little room for hope. Elephant and Rhino conservation is rooted within much broader systemic problems that are seemingly intractable without stopping demand for Rhino horn and ivory. Meanwhile I had no idea that Dholes were so endangered – I’ve seen them several times in India and Thailand.

Climate change is one of the most important factors driving the 6th great extinction. This article suggests Polar Bears may be able to change their diet to adapt (though people like Moreten Joergensen argue that Polar Bear hunting presents a huge risk to the species, notwithstanding climate change).

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