RFI Ethiopia and looking for others to join me – Dec 2015

Hi all

Myself and another couple are looking to travel to Ethiopia.

I have been in contact with a couple of guides who both come highly recommended and have put together the following itinerary. Key focus is on wolves, mammals (predators, small stuff and primates) and birds.

We can accommodate more people if anyone is interested.

What do people think to this itinerary?

Day 1, arrival day Addis we will take refresh and then drive to Dera NP, the park surrounded by
Acacia and grass land which has different kinds of wildlife such as Greater Kudu, Lesser kudu
Common warthog, olive baboon, spotted hyena and different kinds of birds overnight Adama the Safari Loge.

Day2,we will have breakfast from the hotel and then we will drive to Awash NP checking to the hotel and  we will do game drive to the NP the possibility to see it Beisa Orex ,, soemmering gazelle, Salts Dik Dik, scrub hare, rock Hyrax we will do night drive in the NP over night Awash Fall Loge.

Day3, today we will start before the breakfast explore the park manly looking for Bat eared fox, common genet, Grivet monkey, common baboon, Aardwolf, stripe hyena, caracal by any chance we will see leopard, lion.

Before dark we will go to the hyena cave to see a group of spotted hyena and common warthog they live together and then back to the loge on the way back we will do some spotlighting.

Day 4 today we will start before breakfast drive to the park looking for something new mammal and back to the breakfast and then drive to Belin area (Alideghi ). our main target is looking for Gerenuk, common jackal, unstriped Ground squirrel ,Grevys Zebra, porcupine , striped hyena, Caracal, Besa Orex,this area has record by other groups Lion and cheetah . night Deho or Belin loge.

Day5, today also take to a walk on a high range to the compound mainly looking for defassa Waterbuck and Hamadryas baboon . we will do game drive to around Alideghi again for the rest we will look for the one we miss night Deho/Belin Loge.

Day6,today it long drive for as and not many mammals we will do some photography for different birds in route we will stop at lake Ziway to see yellow spotted Hyrax night Bekele Mola hotel.

Day 7,in the morning we will visit Abejata Shala NP taking to a walk on a high range to the compound to look for grants gazelles, common jackal, common bush back, common warthog, Somali ostrich and then we will go to the view point to see lakes Abiata shala NP so we will drive down to see the in enormous groups of both greater and lesser flamingo ,other water birds continuing eastward to the other side of lake Langano we over night Harra Langano loge.

Day8,Around the loge compound and Bishangari forest to see coulombs monkey, olive baboon, Grevet monkey and different kinds of birds at night we do spot lighting to look for the famous Aardvark, bush babe(Senegal galago) sevet cat, unstriped jackal, spotted hyena etc over night Harra Langano loge.

Day9,this morning we would walking the lake side to see hippopotamuses, water birds and continue to the highest Bale mountain NP we stay over night the head quarter Dinsho loge
Dinsho is it’s a part of the bale mountain NP it covered by the endemic trees and afro alpine grass lands which is very good place to walk through the grasses to see the endemic Mountain Nyala ,Minelks bush back, common reedbuck.

A groups of olive baboons, common warthogs, bush duiker .at night we will ask a permit do some night walk to see Serval cat ,caracal spotted hyena and then back to the hotels.

Day10,to day we will drive to Goba and continue to the highest point Senati Plato to see the endemic Ethiopian wolves, Abyssinian hare, Giant root rats and others over night Goba wabisheble hotel.

Day 11, today is more relaxes day to give more time to watch the activity for Ethiopian wove and giant root rat and other different kinds of birds over night Goba wabi sheble hotel.

Day 12, we will drive to Harena forest to see the endemic Bale monkey diffrent kinds of birds in the forest .over night we will stay at the bale mountain loge. tonight we will do spotlighting around the forest bc many a lot of record for Black Leopard&Lion.

Day 13,after breakfast we will drive Senkele sanctuary to the endmic Hartebeest and Orbi and then we will drive southward Awassa over night united Africa hotel

Day 14,today after breakfast we will visit the fish market and then continue back to Ziway en route we will stop do some bird watching over night ziway its relax day.

Day 15, we will walk around the lake and then drive to Debre Libanose gorge our main target is to look for the splendid Gelada baboon, found in no other part of the world often seen herein large troops . The magnificent animals will be a highlight of the tour for many people and we will spend more time watching the social interaction among the groups over night Ethio German loge.

Day 16,in the morning we will visit the Portuguese bridge and the monastery and back to Addis we will repacking take shower dinner flay back to home.

Sorry about the poor English, the above was provided by one of the guides! 

Still negotiating a better price at the moment and tweaking a few things. The key mammal targets are set out above but we will also be spending plenty of time birding and hope to get a great mix of birds and mammals on this trip with time to enjoy the wolves on the plateau. 

One of the guides can accommodate a larger group so if anyone else is interested do get in touch. We are also now looking at arriving on the 4 or 5 December as either of the two guides I’m in contact with have availability to guide us personally. 

All the best



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