Crested rat

Under impulse of a post by Vladimir somewhere in February (motivating the scientific value of our observations), I was able to publish an observation of a Crested rat (on camera trap) in Ethiopia in African Journal of Ecology recently. Here is the link to the paper and here is the link to the movie.




  • Jon Hall

    Nice! What a great beast

  • vnsankar123

    There’s a lodge called Sirikoi in Kenya where they had 2 resident Crested Rats; one that lived under a room and another in a culvert on the road out! Apparently, the latter one could often be seen at night on drives. Sadly, I went last year just after the latter one vacated (they saw the one under the room rarely)…

    This would be a truly amazing mammal to see in the wild (something of a dream of mine…).

  • Charles Foley

    Good effort Matthais. This species is really high on my wanted list, but so far I’ve only seen a dead one on the road in Kenya. I’m hoping to find it in northern Tanzania (there’s only one record from the west of the country), but no luck so far. Sounds as if a trip to Sirikoi might be on the cards….

    • vnsankar123

      You might want to check with the owners of Sirikoi before going to see if they are seeing any right now. As of last July, they weren’t seeing them much anymore (though IIRC, not long before they were seeing one particular animal near the road consistently).

      • Jon Hall

        Charles, could you let me know if you get any more info. I am hoping to have a work trip to Tanzania in the next few months so feel a weekend trip coming on!

  • cmh78

    I was really hoping for this one in Ethiopia, but I would have been shocked if it had happened. Congratulations on this video!

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