• vdinets

    The only hare species there is mountain hare.

  • Israel

    aargh, that report is so frustrating for me! When I went to Lake Baikal I stayed at Ust Barguzin and found I couldn’t afford the boat to the islands because it was so ridiculously expensive (all the locals likewise told me the rocks were the “only” place to see the seals). Perhaps one of my trip reports was one you read. I didn’t have time on my visa to also go to Olkhon Island, and I had originally decided NOT to go there because I had read there was little wildlife there compared to the Baikalsky National Park by Ust Barguzin. So I completely failed to see a “guaranteed” species. Sigh. At least next time I know just to go to Olkhon Island!!


    • brugiere dominique

      Yes, fortunately I saw your trip report. So I didn’t try Ust Barguzin.
      Good luck for a next time.

  • John Fox

    FWIW, googling on Olkhon island found a local resource that might be helpful. A couple good maps and some pages in English:


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