Mountain Bear Cuscus

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Back in August 2009 I spend a few days at Lore Lindu National Park, central Sulawesi, Indonesia. There, about halfway along the Anaso Track (1700 m. elevation) in rainforest I filmed this Bear Cuscus.

When I received the Handbook of the Mammals Volume 5: Marsupials I found out they elevated the former subspecies furvus to specific level.

Some info from HMW Volume 5: Montane forests at elevations of c. 800 m to at least 2000 m. The Mountain Bear Cuscus occurs in the same geographical regions as the Common Bear Cuscus but generally occurs in forests situated at higher elevations. The Common Bear Cuscus occuring to about 1000 m elevation.

I had the chance to look for Common Bear Cuscus at Tankoko in north-east Sulawesi but didn’t do it because I had found this one. Turns out to be a different species, darn! That is, if you follow the HMW taxonomy.

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