ID please: Bats from near Alta Floresta, Brazil

2014 y 2015 Panama,Ecuador,Brazil 8022014 y 2015 Panama,Ecuador,Brazil 783

Above is a fairly large bat with a horseshoe-bat-like noseleaf that was roosting with others of its species under the roof of an abandoned house.

Below is a dead bat hanging from a utility wire; my guess is that it is Tadarida brasiliensis


Héctor Gómez de Silva


  • Fiona Reid

    The upper bat is Carollia perspicillata.
    the lower one is a freetailed bat, yes Tadarida brasiliensis is a good guess.

  • hectorgom

    Thank you very much! Is it perspicillata because it was biggish and has few hairs on the forearm?
    Héctor Gómez de Silva

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