Marbled Polecat and Eurasian Lynx stake outs in Georgia

An  EB5 companion and eco travel agent came across a Marbled Polecat while on a birding trip to the steppes of Georgia. In fact it was the third sighting of a Marbled Polecat by birders in this area and one was even watched at its burrow! What’s more on two occasions when birders were scanning a mountainside for Caucasian Black Grouse a European Lynx was observed! If you are interested in a trip to this fabulous country to look for both of these enigmatic species as well as the Caucasian bird specialities do not hesitate to contact Jan, founder of Europesbig5, for further information: info@europesbig5.comMarbled Polecat

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  • mikehoit

    Wow, wish I’d known about this before I went to Georgia! One for next time… I heard about a lynx sighting while I was out there, and will post a short note about SW Georgia when I get a chance

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