Global Mammal Checklist Jan 2016 Update

I’ve updated the global mammal checklist on, something I promised to do every 6 months.  This latest update includes recent changes made by the IUCN, and I have also updated the Australian mammals to bring them into line with a new taxonomy produced last year following Jackon & Groves Taxonomy of Australian Mammals, 2015  (something the IUCN RedList has yet to pick up but I imagine will do before too long). Thanks also to Paul Carter for sending me a long list of corrections, common names and more.

As a reminder, the master list is very similar to the IUCN’s RedList though there are some ad hoc divergences (including listing domesticated species which exist in feral populations). A second worksheet within this XLS workbook, lists all divergences from the IUCN Redlist.

The third worksheet keeps track of all changes made over time (if you are already using an earlier version of this list this should be helpful to update your lifelist).

For some background information read this or post questions and comments



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