New (old) Trip Reports: Somalia and Ethiopia

More from Vladimir Dinets’s back catalogue

Somalia, 2005: Vladimir Dinets’s notes of a brief visit with species including Silver Dik-dik.

Ethiopia, 2009: Vladimir Dinet’s notes of several months and 140 or so species seen including a lot of rodents and bats, Abyssinian Genet, Bale Shrew, and Red-fronted Gazelle.



  • Theo Linders

    When reading the Ethiopian report, I see you wrote down the warthogs in Awash as desert warthogs? Are you sure about this, because I have been working in that area over the past three years and every warthog I saw (and have seen pictures of) was a common warthog. Do you have any pictures by any chance, because there are more people who claim to see desert warthog in the Awash area, though to my knowledge they occur only further east…

  • Vladimir Dinets

    You are right, they are common warthogs. I’m going to send Jon a corrected report, but I’m waiting for the next volume of HMW to arrive because there are a few more IDs that I need to check.

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