pocket gophers

If you want to see two species of pocket gophers in one day, it is very easy right now in Upper Bidwell Park in Chico, California. Botta’s pocket gophers (left) are very active in Five Mile Recreation Area near the lower end of the park, while mountain pocket gophers (right) are easy to see in the upper part of it. Lots of cute juveniles.

  1. heavenlyjane 7 years ago

    Glad to see that someone else gets excited about gophers.


    • Author
      vdinets 7 years ago

      Gophers are among the coolest North American mammals. Especially considering that they are basically subterranean kangaroo rats 🙂

      • heavenlyjane 7 years ago

        Nothing is softer than a PG’s pelage. Glad the fur industry never figured that out.

  2. vnsankar 7 years ago

    Nice! I need to go and get Mountain PG there at some time.

    • vnsankar 7 years ago

      Btw, had a Badger and 2 Bobcats (plus Condor, Burrowing Owl, and Bald Eagle) in Dry Lake Valley in San Benito county yesterday.

    • Author
      vdinets 7 years ago

      You have probably until May; later the surface activity remains high only at higher elevations.

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