Mediterranean Monk Seal in Israel!

Well I’ve never been a so-called “twitcher”, but I might just be this weekend, as a female adult of this endangered and rare species has been spotted at Rosh Hanikra, where it’s apparently seen once-ish a year. The question is: how long do they usually hang around when they’re seen? I’ll find out today. Apparently this individual is known by the local researchers.

Well, next time you’re in Israel, you might be able to add this species to your list – just call Rosh Hanikra and find out if one is present. 

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  • tomeslice

    Well I guess I should follow up on my own post and mention that it only stayed there that day. I talked to the visitor center people and they said that besides one visit, which was 2 days long, most visits are single-day.
    But I also read that while still very rare in Israel, the Monk Seal population is growing and visits to Israel are becoming a more frequent occurrence.

    That’s it for today, folks. Stay tuned for the next episode of “information you didn’t care to know about species Tomer wants to see”

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