Stereo Trip Reports: Israel

Mike Richardson and Mark Hows were in Israel recently and had a great trip – so great that they both wrote reports.

Israel, 2016: Mike Richardson

Israel, 2016: Mark Hows

8 days & 23 species, including Striped HyenaWolfJungle CatOnager and some nice rodents including Golden Spiny Mouse.



  • tomeslice

    Guys, well done on the hyena and the jungle cat!! Both species that were not at all guaranteed, considering the scarcity of the hyenas in the desert, and the non-operating night tours in the Hula Lake!!! My bad, that I didn’t remember that they don’t offer night tours in the winter.. but in my defense, I did tell you guys to call and reserve ahead of time 😉

    Once again, it was a pleasure to meet you all and see you next time, somewhere in the world!


  • Mike Richardson

    Tomer- thanks again for all the help you gave us including sorting our parking ticket! It was also great to meet up with you. I did email the Agamon Hula visitor centre a couple of times asking about the night tours but they never replied. I guess I should have phoned.

  • vdinets

    You have to check the most recent paper on Plecotus systematics to find out which one is in Hula Valley. I know it’s Plecotus christiei in Negev. I have PDF if you’d like.

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