Best Borneo Trip Ever?

Beat this!

Borneo, 2016: Mac Hunter, 2 weeks & 40+ species including PangolinClouded LeopardMarbled CatTarsier and a Spotted Giant Flying Squirrel.

What a trip!!




  • kittykat23uk

    Wow!!! What a great haul! I saw a linsang at DVFC was this split from Banded? Or is it still banded? Anyone planning a trip involving lots of night drives looking for someone to share cost? Please let me know if so! Still would like to see a clouded leopard some time..

  • Charles Foley

    Mac had invited me to go on this trip and I turned it down to travel with the family to Namibia. New mammal species for me there were, err, the Damara ground squirrel and a Dassie rat. I’m trying all sorts of angles to convince myself that I made the right decision, but until I reach that point can anyone recommend any good therapists or remedies for this sort of trauma? Certain yoga postures or chant’s perhaps. One things for sure – next time Mac invites me anywhere – whether its a field trip or visit to the local chip shop I’ll be right there!


    • Jon Hall

      I feel your pain. I can’t believe all they saw AND they were looking at birds too. Mac has clearly got an in with the mammal gods and I want in too – I would happily sell my soul for a pangolin and a Marbled Cat

      • machunter

        And we were chasing herps and fishes too. BUT do reread the first point in my Postscript A….the one about uncertainty…
        (a.k.a. stochasticity to us scientists …. luck to most).

        Charles’ ….I expect Aram will respond to your psychic stress “off-line” …you can guess whether she will console or twist the blade.

  • tomeslice

    Amazing trip report!!!
    I keep getting reminded why I need to go back to Borneo for the whole, 3-week classical trip which will undoubtedly include Deramakott again.

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