Another Clouded Leopard at Deramakot

  1. John Wright 6 years ago

    Fabulous thanks for that Jon and what’s even better I’m on the trip to Borneo & Sumatra with Richard & Phil. Before I meet up with them both I’ll be in Taiwan however – happy days can’t wait!

    • Jon Hall 6 years ago

      Are you mammaling in Taiwan John? If so would love to get a trip report – there are some interesting species there but we don’t have any reports.

      • John Wright 6 years ago

        Hi Jon, re Taiwan, no unfortunately not a dedicated mammal trip. I’m going with 3 mates who are all really just birders. The plan is to look for the endemic bird species found there which I don’t mind as I’m also into birding. However, I’ll be hoping to get as much time as I can looking for mammals – but not a lot on there to be honest.

  2. Richard Webb 6 years ago

    Let’s hope we have similar luck later this month. Bay Cat would be good as well. Just back from a few days of excellent birding in Georgia, a great country. Only four species of mammal but three were lifers East Caucasian Tur, Persian Squirrel and Grey Hamster. Red Fox was the 4th.

    • Jon Hall 6 years ago

      Nice on the Tur… did you try also for the Western flavour?

  3. Richard Webb 6 years ago

    No it was pretty much a birding trip. The tur were on a distant ridge on our last morning at Kazbegi.

  4. tomeslice 6 years ago

    Wow amazing!!
    Good to see Lang and Michael tag-teaming that successful trip!
    I will be back there soon.

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