Carbon Offsetting

It strikes me that an awful lot of us take a great number of flights. To reduce my carbon-guilt, I have offset carbon emissions for the last ten years or so. If you want to do the same, then the first step is to calculate the amount of CO2 that you emit. A relatively good calculator can be found here: (even taking account of your aircraft type, if you want). This gives you your emissions in kg of CO2. There are then plenty of options as to where and how your offset is achieved. I use which sends your money to a fully accredited project run by the Royal Scoiety for the Protection of Birds which safeguards the extraordinarily diverse Gola Forest – conserving 60 globally threatened species (including chimps and pygmy hippos) as well as securing a great deal of carbon and contributing to local livelihoods. This costs $10/tonne of CO2, so a trip to the Azores for two cost $28 for return flights from London.

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