RFI: Canada

Hi all,

I will be in Vancouver and Winnipeg/Churchill next month, and would welcome mammal info.

  1. Star-nosed mole. I think the only reasonable chance in a short visit is contact with somebody who studies these animals?
  2. Best cruises/viewing opportunities from Vancouver Island for Dall’s Porpoise, Pacific White-sided Dolphin, any baleen whales, all eared seals? I saw already harbor porpoise and killer whales.
  3. Mountain goat, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, unfenced bison. To my gen, the nearest certain places are Banff (first two) and Grasslands NP (other two). Are there places closer to either Vancouver or Winnipeg?



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  • vdinets

    You can try live-tapping the moles. There are some in Beaudry Provincial Park west of Winnipeg, but the population density in Manitoba is generally low. Mole live-traps have to be ordered from Britain, so you might not get them in time. I’ve never used them for SNM and don’t know what trapping success would be. There used to be a zoologist named Kevin in Vancouver who had captive SNMs and shrew-moles, but that was 15 years ago. Try looking through the faculty listings of local universities.

    There are a few places for mt goats and bighorns in central British Columbia and on the W side of the Rockies. Look them up in my book – I don’t have it at the moment.


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