Bering Sea Islands trip, 2017

Dear All,

Our trip to Bering Sea islands didn’t happen this year due to multiple issues with boat charter, so it is now planned for  June 27-July 4, 2017.

It is expensive, but it is a unique adventure and almost certainly your only chance to see some of the world’s remotest and most scenic wilderness, not to mention a few endemics. This trip has been run only once so far (for birders only), and will probably never be offered after 2017 as it is extremely difficult to organize. It might also be the last trip I guide in North America, as we are planning to move overseas soon after.

You can see a brief trip description here. A more detailed one is in the works. Please let me know if you are interested.

Vladimir Dinets

  1. vnsankar 6 years ago

    How are the chances of Ribbon Seals on the trip?

    • Author
      vdinets 6 years ago

      Nobody knows. Summer sightings of them are very rare, but nobody really looks for them. My guess is we’ll have a chance if the sea is smooth.

  2. Leslie Sokolow 6 years ago

    Does that cost cover airfare as well?

    • Author
      vdinets 6 years ago

      No, it doesn’t. We don’t know where people will be flying from. And the airfares to Dutch Harbor and from St. Paul change all the time.

      • heavenlyjane 6 years ago

        That’s preferable. It’s easy to get to Durch Hatbor on points.

  3. John Fox 6 years ago

    Various small cruise ships do a similar itinerary every few years. The birding is not hard, not like a mixed feeding flock in the neotropics.

    An awesome trip!

    • Author
      vdinets 6 years ago

      Note the tiny difference in prices 🙂

  4. mojomort 6 years ago

    Hi Vladimir. I am very interested, but unfortunately committed to another voyage in the Arctic which overlaps in dates. If my any chance the trip is moved to about one week earlier, please let me know!

    • Author
      vdinets 6 years ago

      It actually might. I’ll post the final plan here in a couple days. What’s the latest you can go?

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